A Unique Exploration of Haute Bohemian Style
If you haven`t heard of this style yet, you`ll be wanting it soon.
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6 Ways To Boost Your Home Design With Patterns
Time to get a little more unconventional with your patterns.
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How To Use Patterns To Elevate Your Style
See how statement patterns can brighten your wardrobe and your home.
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How To Create Sultry Mood Lighting For Valentine’s Day
When it comes to romantic ambiance, lighting is everything.
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Captivating Style For Valentine`s Day and Every Day After
Here`s a little style inspiration to keep romance alive.
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Chic Gift Ideas For An Unforgettable Valentine`s Day
Unique and unexpected gifts are just a click away...
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See Pantone`s Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, In Action
Check out how you can add Ultra Violet to your wardrobe and your home.
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A Definitive Guide To The Differences in Lighting Finishes
What`s really the difference between chrome and polished nickel? Learn more about the colors and processes for lighting finishes here.
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Dark Colors Create Moody Styles in Fashion and Interior Design
See how this 2018 color trend inspired our latest creation.
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33 Interiors with 2018 Design Trends
Get a glimpse at what homes will look like in the upcoming year.
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The Latest Color Trends Will Redefine How You Think About Modern
Throw out your old ideas about modernity. Updated spaces will have some new color trends.
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Celebrating New Year Trends for Fashion and Design
One trendy look turns into a fashionable interior on this week`s Fashion Friday.
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All About The Lighting From DIY Network`s Bargain Mansions
Take a look at how our lighting helped to transform six Kansas City homes for the new DIY Network show, Bargain Mansions.
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What the 2018 Pantone Color Of The Year Means For Design
Learn more about Pantone`s selection and how you`ll see it in 2018.
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